Homes For Sale

In November of this year (2012) my wife and I decided we should take advantage of the good rental market in Portland and buy a rental property. We are long-time North Portland residents and partial to the St. Johns area. We bought a rental property about 18 years ago in the area, and it has proven to be a good investment.

So one of the criteria for choosing a realtor was that they be very familiar with St. Johns and also know the rental market. Mark Farrell gets big points on both counts. And Jeff Rhoads, the property manager with Farrell's, has done a great job of managing the first property for many years, advocating for us as well as for the tenant. Mark and Jeff really know the area.

We looked at maybe a half-dozen houses through the month and Mark was always very straightforward about the pluses and minuses of each one, genuinely concerned that we get a low maintenance, easy-to-rent property. We were never pressured. And he was always available and easy and pleasant to work with.

Once we found a house in our price range, in a good neighborhood, Mark helped us negotiate some necessary repairs with the seller, and arrive at fair price, and we made the offer. Mark did a great job guiding us through all the layers of paperwork, too. The closing was delayed a couple weeks due to uncooperative weather making the said repairs difficult, but eventually they were done and the deal closed in late January. All quite painless. (if you can call getting a mortgage painless these days). And to top it off Jeff had the place rented on the very day the deal closed. Couldn't really have gone much smoother.

- Roger F.